Pixel Pop by: Matthew Waddell & Laura Anzola


Azma Digital is an artistic collective based in Calgary, Canada. We’re fascinated by how art and technology interact to create exciting experiences that shift the way we understand ourselves and the spaces around us. Our work combines elements of projection mapping, interactive installation, animation, graphic design, live performance, and sound, with a focus on artistic detail and technical execution.

Collaboration and creative exchanges are the heart of our collective. Our team is a fluctuating group of media artists, musicians, designers, and technical specialists from our home countries of Canada and Colombia. This type of cross-disciplinary creation allows us to constantly question our views and contributes to new discoveries and boundary-pushing ideas. 

We understand that the world is shifting to a digital era where the lines between the real and virtual are hard to distinguish. Our aim is to engage this rapidly changing ecosystem with a sense of curiosity and wonder while constantly questioning the consequences it has on our lives.

AZMA Digital artist team Matthew Waddell and Laura Anzola are creating three large scale interactive event spectacles this summer on representing #thecREativeRealm 'Block Four' from 6th-7th Street on 17th Avenue SW. 


Daniel Kirk