Kaleidoscope Eyes by: Rebecca Reid

Kaleidoscope Eyes Cover Photo.png

A blending of movement, colour and light, the kaleidoscope has fascinated young and old alike for centuries. No Matter what your history, looking through a Kaleidoscope renews old memories and brings the innocence of one's childhood back into focus for a time.

Invented by Sir David Brewster, a Scottish Physicist in 1816. He first discovered the polarization of light through refraction, and later became enamoured with the diffusion and reflection of light and colour, inventing kaleidoscopes of varying size, shape and form. The word "Kaleidoscope" is Greek in origin- a blending of the word Kalos (beautiful), Eidos (Form) and Scopos (Watcher).

We present to you in beautiful form, Kaleidoscope Eyes as part of the cREative Realm Project featuring the visions of Rebecca Reid, Randi Lee Ross, Ryan Bourne in collaboration with Geometric Energy Corporation. Kaleidoscope Eyes is a project that will enhance and activate parts of 17th Avenue in Calgary through the collaborative construction of a large scale Kaleidoscope. The Kaleidoscope experience will alter perception by utilizing visuals, music and immersive art making process.

On September 9th there will be a free all-ages music show and kaleidoscope unveiling at the McHugh House (1515 Centre St S) starting at 8pm. From September 15-17, the project will be participating in Market Collective's 9 Year Anniversary event with a DIY workshop. Finally, two special outdoor events on September 24th at at Rouleauville Square (11am-4pm) and at Humpy Hollow Park (11am-4pm) on September 30th.

We intend to change the way that one views a cityscape and invite you to come and experience it for yourself.

Daniel Kirk