Our Story


We are entrepreneurs, artists, managers, builders, designers, developers, labourers, wholistic lifestyle livers, writers, teachers, dancers, athletes, urban planners, musicians, producers, students, lovers and listeners who observe, question and participate in Calgary’s development.


Blank Page Studio is a creative space for idea development

Our story began in 2014 with reimagining the use of an under-utilized commercial building in Calgary’s Kensington business district. The space has since been thoughtfully customized into a versatile workspace supporting the professional needs of a growing collection of progressive local businesses and individuals.


Blank Page Studio is home

We serve as the primary headquarters for daniel j kirk, Studio North, Market Collective, Intelligent Futures, Welcome to the West, Justin T Brown, Marc Rimmer, Define Yoga, and Lodgepole School of Wholistic Studies.


Windows and doors

We exist inside a 1947, two story, commercial/office building. Our relationship with the landlord and owner, George Trutina, CEO and Founder of Truman Development, has provided us with the opportunity to call Kensington home.

The versatility and aesthetic of our studio was thoughtfully designed and built by Ivan Ostapenko, Mark Erickson, Matt Kennedy and Daniel J Kirk. We have since grown from a 1600 sq2 experiment into a 3000 sq2 facility with the help of many.