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The cREative Realm

The cREative Realm is a vision for introducing artistic interventions into Transportation Infrastructure Reconstruction projects. The interventions are creative opportunities to:

  • Engage the businesses and the communities;

  • Attract attention and public attendance to the area during the reconstruction period;

  • Create a positive reframing of what is often seen as a challenging period of time.

The Pilot Project for the cREative Realm vision is underway during the reconstruction of Calgary’s 17th Ave SW. from Macleod Tr. to 14 Street. SW. The cREative Realm will coincide with the reconstruction project and is scheduled to occur between spring 2017 - fall 2019.

The cREative Realm contracts artists who will conduct short term, temporary and site specific art projects that engage the unique communities that touch on the corridor.  

The overall framework for developing projects for the cREative Realm is one that is based upon adaptability. Individual projects need to respond to construction processes and scheduling. Artists/artist teams will work in a “block-by-block” manner, responding to the unique conditions of construction and the characteristics of each block along the 17th Ave corridor. 

Individual artist/artist team projects will activate the blocks of 17th Ave as the construction season progresses. The projects will be varied; the artists will be diverse; and the cREative Realm will help to realize community excitement through new artwork and public engagement.

Each artist/artist team will bring forth their vision, working to support businesses by realizing creative projects within the scope of their own artistic practice. Download the Vision Document and Plan Document for the cREative Realm.

You can visit the cREative Realm website HERE.