Blank Page Studio is aligned with a curated selection of unique local businesses who shape our space. Proximity to a range of talent and information provides support for individual and team projects. Each tenant has established roots within their own discipline and respective community. The confluence of these individuals informs our collective direction.


Studio North

Studio North is an emerging design + build practice based in Calgary, Canada. The Studio North team has been collaborating for the past decade on projects of a variety of scales, from furniture and art installations to laneway housing and multi-family residential. 

Studio North connects design with the craft of building, where a strong relationship is maintained between the spatial idea and the act of making. At the core of the studio’s work is a shared commitment to finding imaginative and innovative design solutions by pairing creative thinking with detailed craftsmanship. By acting as both the designers and builders on many of their projects, Studio North is able to meaningfully engage with the client, the site, and the community while creating beautiful spaces.



Market Collective

Market Collective is an independent market, created to showcase the works of local artists, artisans and musicians and to strengthen the community in Calgary.

We believe in supporting creativity in the city of Calgary in every way that we can. This includes opening up space for musicians to perform, artists to sell their work, non-profit organizations to show their projects, and the community to express themselves through interactive displays and collaborative pieces. 


Lodgepole School of Wholistic Studies

Our school is a place that supports community, where we share knowledge of our ancestors, teachers, elders and mentors. It is a place for quality wholistic and herbal education, and a gathering place for gifted teachers and healers to share their knowledge.

The ancestors taught us the significance of the Lodgepole pine, a straight strong tree that supported the great tipis of the foothills and prairies. The people of this land teach us that the trees are our brothers and sisters. They call them the standing people, the chiefs of the plant kingdom. This tree provided the breathe of life, shelter, fuel for fire, medicines and spiritual teachings.


Define Yoga

Revolving around the guiding principles of our ethos we stress an ethic of self inquiry which emphasizes the Hatha tradition of asana and physical liberation, philosophical debate, and Raja Yoga meditation. Define Yoga was founded with the intention to offer courses and education in Yoga, philosophy and meditation, which challenge and redefine the notion of what Yoga actually is. This question or challenge, lies at the center of the school's collective intention and continues to inspires and move us forward in in the spirit of learning and growth.


Marc Rimmer

Marc Rimmer is a multi-disciplinary designer and art director currently living in Calgary, Canada. Specializing in branding, packaging, and print, he is interested in creating impactful identities and beautiful objects—things that attract people to pick up and touch, snap a photo of or show to their friends.

Rimmer is passionate about working closely with community oriented, independent businesses, organizations and artists. He strives to create an open dialogue between client and designer, and believe that working one-on-one with each client throughout the entire creative process is the surest way to produce an effective, honest result.



Welcome to the West

Welcome to the West is a music video and concert project based in Calgary, Canada. Founded in 2009, the West has curated and produced hundreds of session recordings and live event experiences intended to capture the finest details of timeless songwriting, visual art, and landscape. 



Intelligent Futures

Intelligent Futures works at the intersection of urbanism, sustainability and community engagement. We believe that a more creative and collaborative approach is needed to build a better tomorrow – that belief informs everything we do.



daniel j kirk

daniel j kirk is a visual artist in Calgary, Alberta. He is the director/founder of Blank Page Studio. daniel has been a practicing artist since 2007 and evidence of his work can now be found throughout Canada and the United States as well as Central America and Turkey. kirk's art practice playfully explores; isolation, urbanization, identity, value and the connective power of the creative process.